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Catching up...

Friday, October 2, 2015

A quick update on what everyone has been up to lately...

A couple weeks ago Jake learned all about Noah's Ark at preschool. I loved this craft project. The animals are too cute!

Jake also had silly sock day at preschool.

This week at preschool was all about transportation and the letter Tt.

Last week I got the dreaded phone call from your kids elementary school... as soon as you see that number you know something is wrong. Sophie tripped in gym class, fell on a kids head and chipped part of her tooth. Off to the dentist we went! Sophie was super brave and you can't even tell now.

Soooo... last week Mike was super husband and planned a surprise trip to Chicago for our anniversary. He showed up at my office after I got the kids to school and off we went. I didn't quite believe him at first but he had everything planned out. Nanna was watching the kids, hotel was booked, bags were packed and Ikea was in my future. Mike did get a glazed look after about 45min of shopping but he hung in there.

We ate at one of my favorite restaurants... Cheesecake Factory.

We went to an awesome movie theater - it's been forever since we've seen something that doesn't include minions! It was two stories with 20 theaters. The chairs were amazing... leather, reclining and lots of room! The only bad part was the bathrooms were a mile away!

Crate and Barrel - Love!

I sure did miss seeing Sophie's pom performance... but shockingly she survived without me.

This was Sunday morning... Jake decided we needed ALL the pillows.

And in case you didn't know... crafting is much easier with your tongue sticking out.


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